With 2021 here and COVID-19 still keeping us inside and online, web designers look to the newest trends to keep people interested and engaged. A well-designed website with cutting-edge visuals and tools is essential to stand a fighting chance in the fast-paced competition for consumers’ attention. To help you stay ahead of the curve, we offer our Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2021 to keep your website looking fresh and exciting to new and returning viewers.

Dark Mode, initially popularized on social media monolith Twitter, allowed users to switch from the platform’s traditional light mode to a sleeker-looking dark background that many users prefer. Web designers, noting the positive feedback dark mode received on Twitter, implemented the feature onto websites. Along with having a clean, modern aesthetic that allows on-site designs to pop, dark mode reduces user eyestrain. It preserves phone batteries, making it not only attractive but practical. Allowing viewers to create a personalized experience when exploring your website is always a plus, and the dark mode facilitates that in an inexpensive yet effective way.

Customer experience is among the most critical aspects of designing your website, so make it memorable. Implementing graphic 3D elements to your design is one way to help your website stand out. While not new, 3D has become increasingly accessible and affordable. 3D visuals can add eye-grabbing details to your design that will keep viewers intrigued and spend more time on your website, boosting conversion opportunities. 3D elements provide an engaging experience that customers will be eager to revisit.

BOLD FONT in web design can also make content pop and drive viewers to read about you. While bold fonts are nothing new, 2021 shapes up to be the year of big, beautiful font work that takes center stage on the landing page. The hidden beauty of bold fonts lies in their ability to guide the eye of the reader. Using a bold font header on a landing page will make it pop, inviting visitors to explore what your site has to offer. Most readers scroll websites looking for information, and highlighting your products and services with a strong typeface will help get them there. A properly placed typeface is an underrated tool in web design, and using it to your advantage can inch you ahead of your competition.  

Another way to stay ahead of the competition is by implementing a Voice User Interface into your web design. VUIs offer automated customer support for your website, acting as a liaison between you and potential consumers. VUIs can answer customer questions, guide customers to specific webpages, and ease user experience by helping them avoid the inconvenience of a long phone call with customer service. Convenience aside, using VUI also acts as an opportunity to further establish a voice and image for your brand. Implementing a fun character or tone to your VUI can enhance the customer experience by providing an entertaining experience while exploring what your site offers. These benefits culminate in a powerful tool from which your web design will benefit.

Making your website attractive could be the most crucial trend on our 2021 list. While arguably an essential part of web design, there’s more to just a pretty face. Without compelling copy, what’s the point? UX Writing and Microcopy involve creating a narrative that allows the consumer to feel a sense of inclusion. Businesses can no longer rely on just selling a good product to thrive. Consumers want a relatable story and to experience the culture of your brand. There’s no better way to achieve this than by crafting copy in an informal, conversational tone. Marrying your brand’s right style with compatible visual elements is one of the most powerful web design combinations, creating a cohesive experience for your customers and a lucrative one for you.



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