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In 2019, CapabilitySource partnered with Creative Blend Design for market research and a rebrand to better align its logo and message of marketing digital transformation to speak to the specific needs of C-suite executives in targeted fortune 1000 companies. We delivered a modern new brand and user-focused website, positioning CapabilitySource as a consultancy delivering digital marketing strategies and improving marketing operations capabilities that support the transformation journey and improve overall marketing maturity. 

CapabilitySource full color logo
Woman looking through VR goggles at the CapabilitySource site
CS Connect logo and background
CapabilitySource Change Management values
Woman on blue background with tablet showing infographic
CapabiliySource Solutions Graphic

Today’s markets demand innovation to meet changing scenarios.

CapabilitySource all-in-one enterprise marketing solutions empower, equip and transform its clients’ marketing through better business outcomes.


We launched the new CapabilitySource website in July of 2020, allowing CapabilitySource to leverage its online presence to reach prospective clientele through email marketing campaigns, webinars, lead generation campaigns, and a cutting-edge assessment application developed by the CapabilitySource development team, which we integrated with their website. 

Marketer doing research on CapabilitySource on his laptop
CapabilitySource social media post on phone

Is your marketing strategy aligned with your clients’ needs?

Creative Blend Design knows how to re-brand your business when your target market shifts. Through logo refresh and branding, website redesign and customized campaigns, we can help you position your products, services and solutions to reach the right clientele. 

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