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Brands That Make You Feel Good and How They Do It

Feel Good Branding Consumers buy on emotion. Emotion disguised as colors, sounds, tastes, and verbiage, creates impactful feel good branding. Here are some brands we love at Creative Blend Design that make us bust out the cash. Lululemon Athletica Yoga clothes and running gear for sweaty workouts So many good things are synonymous with Lululemon, mainly: comfort, style, and wellness.

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How to Choose a Marketing Firm

Choosing a marketing or design firm – Best Practices Business owners want to improve their marketing efforts, but choosing the right marketing firm or designer for their business can be difficult. It can be a bewildering experience because the choices are great, but choosing the right firm is an important decision. It can make or break your next campaign. Here

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Top Promotional Products to Boost Your Business

Promotion is one of the most common marketing activities, and it encompasses a vast array of activities often called advertising. Advertising is an entire topic itself, but for now let’s discuss one of the more popular methods small businesses use to advertise and promote their visibility – Promotional Items. There is a bewildering number of promotional products available to small

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