Email Marketing is Still One of the Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Email Marketing is Still One of the Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Businesses

Creative Blend Design’s Top 15 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2024

The Creative Blend Design team strongly believes that content is king, email marketing is a critical content marketing pillar, AND email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing strategies for B2B and B2C businesses. 

Read more about owned, earned, and paid media and content marketing in Part 1 of our series: Why Content is Still King

Why do we feel this strongly about the importance of content and email marketing?

Because email marketing generates $42 in revenue for every $1 of marketing spend, 99% of consumers check their email daily, and marketers report a whopping 760% increase in revenue directly tied to list-building and email marketing campaigns. 

Plus, our expert staff has decades of experience developing, launching, and optimizing countless email marketing campaigns for our clients. It’s part of our bread and butter, and we have the expertise to supercharge email return on investment (ROI).

In this post, I share our 15 email best practices for 2024.

Top 15 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2024

Over the years of perfecting email campaigns, we’ve learned a great deal about implementing email campaigns for our B2C and B2B clients. Here are our top 15 email marketing best practices for 2024.

  1.  Never buy email contact lists.
  2.  Implement a specific sender’s email address (‘No-Reply’ is a no-no).
  3.  Minimize email typefaces (< 3).
  4.  Optimize the preview text for each email.
  5.  Always keep main messaging and call-to-actions above the fold.
  6.  Regularly clean your mailing lists.
  7.  Include an email signature.
  8.  Always personalize the email greeting.
  9.  If you are promoting an offer, use it in the email subject line.
  10.  Always include your logo in emails.
  11.  Enable email recipients to subscribe to your newsletter (for pass-along recipients).
  12.  Utilize engaging, concise subject lines.
  13.  Seamlessly integrate email campaigns into their landing pages.
  14.  Use auto-responders for opt-ins.
  15.  Integrate email marketing into your company’s branding, marketing, social media, public relations, and advertising initiatives. 

Are there more email marketing best practices we could list? Absolutely. But these are our top 15 that will set you on the path to success. We’ll share more email marketing best practices in the near future.

Need Help With Email Marketing, Strategy, or Branding? 

Are you struggling with your business’ email marketing, strategy, or branding? Don’t know where to start with updating your company’s brand, website, or marketing campaigns?  

Creative Blend Design can help! Our results-driven agency has two decades of experience helping businesses and organizations like yours grow efficiently. We’re experts in creating and optimizing our clients’ marketing strategies, branding, search engine optimization, email, social media campaigns, and much more. 

Let’s talk and see how we can help your business grow. Connect with us today!

Stephanie Farber is the Founder & Creative Director of Creative Blend Design. Since 2004, Stephanie has led the development, launch, and optimization of hundreds of targeted, multi-channel marketing plans for non-profit and business clients in San Antonio, Texas, and across the U.S.


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